My guide service is based in Livingston, MT, right in the heart of Montana trout country. I offer guided Montana fly fishing trips via drift boats and rafts on seven Montana rivers, run both float and wade trips on a variety of private fly fishing lakes and streams, and run walk & wade fly fishing trips in the northern portion of Yellowstone National Park as well as on a few rivers and streams in Montana that will remain nameless on the Internet. While trout are the primary quarry on my trips, with whitefish and Arctic grayling for spice, I also offer multispecies trips for a wide variety of other fish. While I am happy to take beginners on any of my trips, my beginner trips page gives details on the best options for clients who have never fly fished before or for those who haven't done it in years. For those who don't have the time or money for a full guided trip, I also offer lessons.

I offer full-day and half-day options for all of my trips, as well as shorter trips during the winter. Looking for a longer-duration trip? I'd be happy to put together a multi-day package that shows you the best Montana and Yellowstone have to offer. Curious about where I fish? This page provides more information on the waters on which I guide.

I have been fly fishing Montana and Yellowstone Park since 1993 and guiding in the area since 2001. This "college job" has lasted a bit longer than expected... I run guided trips year-round, though of course my busy season runs from April through October.

Missouri River rainbow

Big Missouri River rainbow, caught on a small PMD nymph.

Regardless of trip type, duration, or location, I try to follow the following principles with my guiding, as do all guides I use when I'm not available and for multi-guide trips:

  1. Personalize All Trips: I'll never take a client fishing without a thorough phone consultation beforehand about their skill level, their interests, the weather and water conditions, and other factors that'll determine where we fish and what we'll use. In this regard, all of my guided trips are custom trips.
  2. Find the "Nooks and Crannies:" What do I mean? Some or all of the following. I try to fish slightly different waters or oddball stretches of popular waters, use slightly different tactics, fish slightly different flies, and sometimes target different fish than most of my competitors. Sometimes I even try to show my clients different scenery or give them a different taste of what it means to fish in Montana and Yellowstone Park. This area gets fished hard. Really hard. Changing things up usually (though not always) makes for a better experience for my guests.
  3. When Possible, Don't Make Clients Stare at Strike Indicators: Sometimes fishing nymphs under bobbers is the way to go. Often it's just easier on the guide. When having clients use indicator-nymphing tactics is the only or by far the best tactic, that's what I have them do. When possible, I have them do something else that's more exciting, challenging, and fun. Maybe that's working on high-stick or "Euro" nymphing techniques. Maybe it's hucking streamers. Most often, at least in summer, it means fishing dry flies or dry-dropper. Speaking of dry flies... Averaged out over the course of the season, my clients catch a majority of their fish on dry flies. It's the fishing I prefer, and it's usually what people who book me prefer, too.
  4. Focus on Education: The fish might bite and they might not, but I can always make my clients better anglers, no matter if they're total rookies or experts. I'll constantly work on helping you improve your fishing, whether through big changes or tiny tweaks and tips.
  5. Never Forget Where We're Fishing: Montana and Yellowstone Park are beautiful places full of scenic, geologic, and animal and plant wonders. While the focus is generally on the fishing, the overall experience of fishing this area is a big part of making memories for most of my clients. While I'm not a ranger-naturalist, I do know a lot about the region I've called home for almost 20 years. I'll point out the petrified wood, show you neat scenery, and be more than willing to stop so you can photograph that buffalo or bear.
  6. Fish Ethically: By this, I mean two things. 1.) I always guide with a conservation-oriented and--yes--environmentally-oriented mindset: all hooks are barbless, all fish are released except where must-kill regs are in place, we follow "leave no trace" guidelines, and I do my best to avoid fishing over heavily-stressed or actively spawning wild trout. 2.) I behave ethically towards other anglers and guides. Namely, I don't crowd them. Both Montana and Yellowstone Park encourage following "visual rule of crowding" guidelines, meaning avoiding fishing in sight of others when possible. Sometimes this isn't feasible. When it is, it's what I do with my clients.

Check out the specific trip that interests you using the links above, or to learn about the waters where I take my clients. My rates and policies have their own page. For more detailed answers to common questions, check out the FAQ, e-mail me, or call me.

Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing

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