I originally developed most of the content this set of pages for Parks' Fly Shop, when I thought I was going to be moving to Madison, Wisconsin (long story). I was going to make a few bucks from this content, and also get a percentage from the bookings that came as a result of the pages. When I found out I wasn't moving to Madison after all, I nixed the deal so I could retain ownership of this content. As such, much of what you'll see on these pages is shared between my site and that of the fly shop.

It won't be all shared, however, since I guide slightly different waters. As time goes by I'll be adding more content to reflect the waters within my operations area, which is a bit broader than the fly shop's. In either case, the information here (and at the Parks' Fly Shop site) is probably the largest amount of free info you'll be able to find online about my operations area. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. (If you do, maybe you'll book a trip or two?)

How to Use These Pages

This is an extremely text-heavy group of web pages. As such, it may be more readable on a computer or tablet than your phone.

It's text-heavy for a reason: text is still the best way to provide a bunch of information, and that's what this chunk of the site is about. It's not flashy and it doesn't have many pictures of monster fish. In fact, there aren't many photos at all. What it does have is the largest amount of free Yellowstone and Montana fly fishing info you'll find anywhere on the Web, ranging from river descriptions and fishing tips to hatch and fly suggestions to advice on what kind of clothing to pack at certain times of year.

The linkbar at the top of your screen provides access to every page on the site. Click the YCFF Main Site link to go back to my main business site. The Seasons page provides a basic overview of how the season impacts the fishing around here (hint: it's important). The Tackle and Clothing pages include infomation on everything you'll need to pack with the exception of flies. Most pages within the Flies & Hatches dropdown menu include detailed information on insect hatches and everything the fish in our area are likely to eat. You'll want to check the Intro to Flies & Hatches page first. Finally, the Area Waters pages include introductions to most of the fisheries in the Livingston area, with information on when they fish well, access, fishing tips, and top flies. Click the Intro to Area Waters link for a general overview, or jump right to the water that interests you. Is there a novice fly angler in your group? This section includes information on beginner water too. For most anglers, the latter two sections of the website will be the "meat and potatoes." You'll find more helpful info in these two sections than you can find in many guidebooks.

Speaking of guidebooks, and other books for that matter, I've written three. Check out our Books Page for more information.

Finished reading through these pages and still have questions or not finding something you think should be here? Feel free to contact us using the information at the bottom of the page.

Here's one last thing to consider after you've burned through the website, and if you're contemplating booking a guided trip in the Livingston, MT area. Just think about how much knowledge I have that we didn't put on this site for free. Want to go fishing with me?


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